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Lollipop Superheroes


Get crafty with the whole class, with this is fun, easy and creative craft project. We supply you with the superhero pack and you get making!

The Lollipop superheroes has been tried and tested and the kids loved it! let them take them home and let the play continue.

Supplies at the ready!

Superheroes pack:

50 sheets of different colour felt

200 wiggle eyes

100 lollipop sticks

Other essentials:




Enough supplies to make 100 superheroes!


First have the children paint their lollipop sticks however they like!

While they are working on that – cut out some triangles from the felt and small rectangle for the masks. (These shapes can be changed)

To finish off the lollipop sticks Superheroes – simply glue the lollipop stick to the “cape” and add on the mask as well with some googly eyes and a mouth. Then add other embellishments you set fit {glitter, spots etc}

If you decide to make our lollipop stick super hero’s craft kit, please share a picture on our Facebook page, we love seeing our inspiration come to life! Also if you are looking for any other crafty ideas have a look through out Pinterest page.

Good luck and have fun!

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