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Are you too hot in the office? Read these tips for staying cool

We all can get a bit hot and bothered in the office during the temperamental British summer. When the sun is out it can hit you a bit off guard. If taking a siesta isn’t an option, and your workplace hasn’t got the luxury that is air conditioning. Then this post is for you! We will share our industry secrets and tips to help you keep cool during them sunny days.

Strategically use fans

If you can feel a breeze outside, then go ahead and crack open a window. However, do keep into consideration that sometimes opening a window can be counterproductive. In some cases keeping the hot air out is the best way to say cool. Also if the blinds are closed it will stop the sun coming will reduce the overall temperature of the office. When placing the fans around the office you want to create a circulation of cool air. This can work well by having the fan placed near the window and the doors open. I would suggest having at least three fans strategically placed around the office to create a breeze throughout the office. Click here to request our fan promotion

Stay hydrated

A water cooler is ideal as it’s quick, easy and always cold. We all know the benefits of drinking water, but sometimes we need a little headache to remind us! Our top tips would be to invest in a water cooler and a water bottle as this will remind you to stay hydrated. The last tip is a controversial issue in the office… slow down on the intake of caffeine as it makes you feel more dehydrated and remember to replenish yourself with water.

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Get out of the office

When the weather is nice take advantage of it! Take your Tupperware and enjoy your lunch outside. Not all offices have access to a garden so look for local parks, cafe, outdoor seating and nice walks. You will find it breaks up your day and you will feel revitalised and ready for the afternoon. Request a FREE Summertime Kit!

Summer work clothes

Dress for the occasion, while most offices have a dress code you can always find ways to adapt this into more aerated clothing. For men I would recommend a thin cotton or linen shirt, you can usually get away with wearing a short-sleeved shirt as well. Thin trousers or shorts would be recommended depending on the rules. For women there is more freedom for the dress code, I would suggest keeping it short and stick to breathable fabrics such as a silk cotton blend. Dressy shorts and a light and airy blouse will look smart and keep you cool in the office.

Summer is here! Use these tips to stay cool in the office and the next time your colleague is complaining about the hot office, show them this post and stay cool. 😎

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