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Do you need a reason to get excited and treat yourself to some new stationery? Well, your excuse here! 24th April to May 1st is National Stationery Week and 27th April is World Stationery Day!

Let this week be filled with new ventures of note taking, handwriting letters and getting crafty. The premise behind national stationery week is ‘writing matters’ so step away from the keyboard and pick up the pen and pad.

Firstly you need some fresh stationery to start you off… how about some new notebooks, a pack of vibrant colored pens, a fountain pen to perfect your handwriting? Sounds good yes! Here is my first attempt at some calligraphy. Give it a go!

The website has a suggested list of things to get involved in during this week.

My Seven-Days-of-Stationery day of choice is Saturday as I have always been meaning to create a clever, savvy and suave signature but never followed it through.

Marilyn Monroe’s signature is one to aspire to.

Anyways I digress, get involved! Pick one day or be a real stationery vagabond and move through the whole list.

For now, there’s a quiz to find out what item of stationery are you I came out as a… ruler “You are so helpful, kind, and reassuring to others around you. You believe that a helping hand is all people need to feel better about a problem. You tend to have strict opinions on certain things and like things your way. Although your strong opinions can sometimes annoy others, your true likability means they never stay angry for long.”

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start indulging in every writer’s guilty pleasure – the smell of fresh paper, the allure of new pens and the promise of writing success if only you can find that perfect notebook!

You have no excuse after all the pen is mightier than the sword ⚔


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