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Administrative Professionals’ Day

One of the most important jobs in the office is generally one that is overlooked, without this crucial job role organisations would struggle to work efficiently. Administration has changed a lot over the last 60 years, a lot more responsibility is now in their hands.

The dated idea that admin is seen as mere “support staff” is exactly that, it’s dated! Administrative assistants, secretaries, receptionist and other administrative support professionals communicate with everybody, they are the backbone of an organisation. They know what the executive needs, they allow for them to be able to be the best they can be. Administrative assistants spend endless hours catering to and anticipating the needs of their bosses and colleagues. A good assistant keeps a business owner on time and in the know. Everything they do is in the best of the business.

Companies and workers that acknowledge the indispensable importance of these job roles understand the difficulties that come with it. An administrative assistant day to day work is varied, they are expected to deal with human resources, accounting and much much more in some cases even therapy.

Anabela Perozek, vice president of marketing for, said. “From magician to human resources director, administrative professionals fill every role imaginable in the office.”

So let’s take this day to thank all admin, they do a difficult job and don’t get enough recognition. At Braleys we deal with administration daily as they are the ones usually planning, improving efficiency, reducing costs and ordering correctly.


Team Braleys


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