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One common trend throughout the literature on ergonomics is to only have what you need, what you use in the day to day of office work on your desk. The bare minimum instead of having an overcrowded desk. There are different opinions for this theory, personally, I would suggest that it’s a mixture of the three.


Firstly, organisation. The thought of organising your office is never a glamorising one, the amount of time spent organising all your files and swiping the mess off your desk it’s not really worth it. Wait, let’s think about the amount of time each day you spend trying to find that correct document in the pile, or the torn up bit of paper with important information?

The time that disorganisation costs you is vastly larger that the time spent in the initial organising. Clearing your desk doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Organising your office to fit your needs doesn’t have to break the bank.

A neat and orderly office space clears the mind, allowing for higher productivity and less wasted time. Braley’s can work with your to understand how to best utilise your office in an efficient and cost-effective way.


Secondly, clutter. Do you really need all the documents? De-clutter, empty, and shred what you don’t need*. Think about what you use and what you could do without. Tackle one area at a time. This way you get to accomplish quickly and see the benefits, the small amounts of satisfaction to keep you motivated. Any that is not used get rid of, they are unnecessary and are wasting potential space.


Thirdly, Office layout. Now you have your new space you need think about how you work, what you need. Do you need booths with enough privacy for phone calls? Need creative spaces for teams to collaborate? Speaking to your staff and their needs will help this process and allow you to build an environment where they want to be.

At Braleys we can provide efficient, flexible options for building your workspace without the huge price tag of other furniture supplies. Need to change your office around again in a few months as your team changes? You can plan ahead of time easily and then adapt to give you the environment you need without further outlay.

An organised, flexible and de-cluttered office can boost employee productivity and happiness. Take a look at how Braley can help you get there while getting maximum value from your investment.

* When clearing out the office, do try to recycle as much of it as possible. Our next blog post is a guide on how we recycle and help others to do so.



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