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Turn Your Child’s Artwork into Gift Calendars

Does your child love to create artwork? Here is a creative way to turn those paintings and drawings into a calendar for friends and family, or just for your home office.

All you need is:

  1. Twelve pieces of your child’s artwork on 8″x11″ paper (scan and print duplicates depending on how many calendars you need to make)

  2. A personal laminator

  3. Letter size laminating pouches

  4. Home comb or wire binding machine

  5. Comb or wire bindings ( number depends on how many calendars you need to make)

  6. 2017 calendar printouts ( number of printouts depends on how many calendars you need to make)

You can get all of the above from, just click on the links.

Laminating Instructions

1 Decide what artwork piece fits for each month of the calendar

  1. Print each month of 2017 on high quality paper

  2. Insert each piece of artwork into a laminating pouch

  3. Insert each calendar month printout into a laminating pouch

  4. Run all 24 sheets through your home laminator

Binding Instructions

  1. Organise artwork and calendar month sheets

  2. Punch and bind with your home binding machine

Repeat the process as needed to produce as many colourful and creative calendars you want for grandparents, other family members or friends.

Have fun!


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