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We have all the Office Machines you need

Printers, Fax Machines, Laminators, Digital Cameras, Tablets, Shredders, Scanners, Projectors, Televisions, Photocopiers, Interactive Boards, Monitors, Calculators, 
Telephones and more...
braley office machines

Why should your business purchase Office Machines from Braleys?




Through our established supply line we can source all the products you need. We will acquire the best deal for the specific products you want. Our honest and consistent pricing techniques means you are always better off going through Braleys. 

We pride ourself on our quick, reliable and efficient ordering and delivery service. Enquire for the best possible price and we work with you to make sure it's delivered 

when you need it.

As we are already your supplier it's easy, we can find all the products for you. This saves you time scanning the internet for the best deal. If you are not sure of what product you want, our expert advice can help.

Braley Office

It's not just stationery!

At Braleys we have to sometimes remind our customers that we supply pretty much everything you need for your office. So don't steer away from picking up the phone and giving us a ring.   

0117 952 5333


A printer is vital in most offices

It's about finding one that suits your usage and needs perfectly. We will analyse usage, price, long term investment and product guarantee. This will make sure you get the best printer for your business. 


Multifunction Machine 

The all singing all dancing office machine

When making a large investment you want to make sure you are picking the correct product at the correct price. The multifunction machine is a printer, fax, photocopier and scanner all in one. 

Business cards


Securely protect your important information


Since the Data Protection Act was passed in 1998, companies are obliged to destroy hard copies of information on individuals or organisations that could put that person or organisation at risk should the information become public knowledge.

saddle stitched booklets


Replace you monitor easily and quickly 

At Braleys we offer a huge range of monitors and accessories from established brands like Philips, Acer, Samsung, HP, Microsoft and more. We also have a large selection of monitor stands and risers. Browse our full range of monitors at the Braley webstore.



Stay in contact all the time

Office phone systems feature high-quality sound reception and delivery that make it easy to understand customers. Call centers and small business operations.

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Copy in high quality, quickly and cheaply.

Braleys offers UK companies bargain prices on brands like Canon, Ricoh, Toshiba, Brother and Sharp. We will make sure you acquire an efficient and reliable photocopier suited for your business. 

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Office machines

Your go to Bristol Office Machines Supplier. Braleys has all the office machinery your business needs, when you need it, at competitive prices.

We make purchasing machines easy.

Consolidate your Office Supplies

Save time and money by allowing Braleys to source all of your office needs

consolidate your office supplies

We analyse your previous spend on products and services. We compare this against our low prices. 

save time and money on office supplies

We source cheaper products and alternatives through our established supply line.

We can save you money.

consolidate your office supplies

You can sit back, analyse your savings and have all your orders on one tidy invoice. 

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