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What is ergonomics?

Ergonomic design is about creating a working environment that fits your need for comfort, and the correct posture. Design must complement, rather than force you to adapt.

Good ergonomic practice reduces the risk of long term problems like back pain and musculoskeletal disorder.

Ergonomics is making the work fit the person not making the person fit the work.

Why choose an ergonomic solution?

A healthy workplace improves employee welfare

When ergonomics is used successfully it can really help with the following: 

Increase productivity - The workstation will become more efficient as everything is accessible, fewer motions and less exertion will result in a more effective work process. 

Improve worker morale - You can improve employee engagement. Your employees will become aware of the steps you are taking to improve their health and work environment. 

Reduce health issues - Such as repetitive stress injuries, back and neck strain, eye strain, muscular pains, and headaches. This will reduce costs as fewer injuries result in fewer days off. 

How Braleys can help

We believe in ergonomics, you shouldn't work in pain.  

Braleys - "reducing injury, increasing efficiency"

How to sit correctly





Screen At

Eye Level

Feet On Ground

If your work involves sitting a lot and using a computer, here are some tips to help you sit correctly.

ergonomics, posture seating, neck strain, wrist pressure, back tension, foot positioning

Bad environment - You want everything to be accessible. A healthy work environment will have a positive effect on your well-being. 


Neck strain - 1/3 of Europeans suffer for neck ache due to bad posture at work. You want the monitor at eye level to reduce strain.


Wrist pressure - Your wrist must be a neutral position, reducing sore wrist and arm pain. Extra support should be used to relieve pressure.


Back tension - 43% of Europeans have suffered from backache associated with poor posture at work. Sit up straight to encourage movement, and improve circulation and overall comfort.


Foot positioning - Elevate your feet and ensure your thighs are parallel to the floor, this will avoid straining your back muscles and allow you to sit in the neutral posture.

Posture guide 

The full ergonomic setup 

Foot rest

Monitor arms

Mouse pad


Back support

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