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We help companies consolidate their office supplies which creates a more efficient and relaible process

Why should you consolidate your office supplies?

Firstly, you can reduce costs and increase the transparency of your purchasing. When consolidating we make sure not to lose the personal touch that comes with working with a small business. Your order will be easier to manage and track, meaning less time consumption and administration cost. At Braleys we aim to build positive, beneficial and long term relationships. We want you to be successful.


We pride ourselves on being the one stop shop our customers need. Our efficiency and reliability allow us to work effectively with our customers and suppliers. We can provide everything your organisation needs at a time that suites you. This saves you time, money and improves the overall efficiency and sustainability of your organisation.

A one stop shop can have a derogative meaning in the business world however, we want to break this taboo. With over 26 years industry experience we have built up important relationships and a network of preferred, reliable and loyal suppliers. We work with them to provide a high standard of service at a very low third party cost. 

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Consolidate your Office Supplies

Save time and money by allowing Braleys to source all of your office needs

We analyse your previous spend on products and services. We compare this against our low prices. 

We source cheaper products alternatives through our established supply line. We can save you money.

You can sit back, analyse your savings and have all your orders on one tidy invoice. It's that easy!

consolidate your office supplies
consolidate your office needs
consolidate your office supplies



We work with you to keep your facilities running in tip top shape, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your employees.



We are the one educational supplier our customers need. We save you time and money. We supply a hassle free service. 


Our experienced delivery team deliver, install and help maintain all furniture and interiors. They are a close working team who work with you to make sure all your needs or queries are met. 


We supply quick, high quality innovative solutions to suit all of your brand requirements at competitive prices


We stock a range of high quality business supplies from first class manufacturers for all areas of the workplace.


Our specialist interiors team work with you to create inspiring and innovative spaces to motivate staff and impress your customers.

Download our Infographic for more info that can save your business time. 

At Braleys we sell office supplies, office furniture and educational supplies across the UK. We have the capability and know how to to deal with every need you may have. Make contact today.

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