July 26, 2017

The sit-stand desk has been a hot topic in the office furniture industry. Let’s just clarify this straight away, when using a sit-stand desk you are not meant to stand all the time, this can have bad implications to your health especially if you are used to sitting dow...

July 14, 2017

We understand that in the world of paper supplies a lot of industry lingo is thrown around. We are here to clear any confusion.  

Choosing Paper for Printing

At Braley, we stock many different types of paper. Each paper type has its different place in a business. For exa...

July 12, 2017

Historically the heart of the collaborative workspace was the meeting room. However, this setup is not ideal for collaboration. It's restricted and formal. The meeting room still has its place in the office. It can be used a quite space, a workspace and a formal meetin...

June 2, 2017

What we love about Bristol. Bristol is a beautiful colourful city. It was just rated the best place to live in the UK! What's not to love?

May 23, 2017

We all can get a bit hot and bothered in the office during the temperamental British summer. When the sun is out it can hit you a bit off guard. If taking a siesta isn’t an option, and your workplace hasn’t got the luxury that is air conditioning. Then this post is for...

April 28, 2017


Get crafty with the whole class, with this is fun, easy and creative craft project. We supply you with the superhero pack and you get making!

The Lollipop superheroes has been tried and tested and the kids loved it! let them take them ho...

April 24, 2017

Do you need a reason to get excited and treat yourself to some new stationery? Well, your excuse here! 24th April to May 1st is National Stationery Week and 27th April is World Stationery Day!

Let this week be filled with new ventures of note taking, handwriting le...

April 19, 2017

Administrative Professionals’ Day

One of the most important jobs in the office is generally one that is overlooked, without this crucial job role organisations would struggle to work efficiently. Administration has changed a lot over the last 60 years, a lot more respon...

April 12, 2017


One common trend throughout the literature on ergonomics is to only have what you need, what you use in the day to day of office work on your desk. The bare minimum instead of having an overcrowded desk. There are different opinions for this theory, persona...

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April 28, 2017

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